Thinking differently about leadership

Authenticity through experience


25 years' of mistakes and learning, across 3 continents, within 4 huge companies, driving change relentlessly, has forged real experience

Authenticity through insight


Listening, thinking, reflecting, 

watching, sensing, hearing,

across diverse teams and cultures.

That's what creates real insights.

Authenticity through disrupting


Fail Without Fear Fund.

Bright Young Minds. Insurgent League.  BCX Disrupt.... on and on goes the list

Driving disruption. Endlessly.

Listen to ian on leadership

Follow the links below to hear Ian discussing his leadership experiences, insights and disruptive thinking.  It's real.  It's authentic.  It's disruptive. 

Disrupt to power the economy forward

At the BCX Disrupt Summit in 2017, Ian followed the likes of Malcolm Gladwell and onto stage.  That's never going to be easy, but with something meaningful to say, the Summit closed with a clear message of the need for disruption to drive our economy forward. 

Disrupting the way we think

Closing the remarkably successful BCX Disrupt Summit in November 2017...what a gig it was.