when did you last look down The Other end of the telescope?

Organisational cholesterol kills...

All businesses start lean.  Fit.  Agile.  Most big businesses become bloated. Slow. Lazy.  How do you attack your organisations' cholesterol, and regain fitness?  

There's no such thing as talent scarcity

Everybody, everywhere talks about scarce skills. We don't have scarce skills.  We have scarce meaningful investment by business into talented people...

Were you relevant yesterday?

Remember BetaMax and VHS?  

Go to the Post Office last month?

Used a payphone recently?

Irrelevance is the biggest threat to any business...

How many engines does your business need?

What generates cash today?  

Will it generate cash tomorrow? 

How do you take todays' cash and plough it into tomorrows' business?

Education vs Business: an unholy mismatch

New businesses open every day.  New technologies spring up overnight.

But our education system is static, rooted in 19th century dogma.  How do we create an agile, future centric curriculum for our kids?

Digital is a load of bol*&cks

Digital this, digital that.  

Let me sell you a 'digital transformation' roadmap.... that you won't be able to use...or keep relevant next year...

Digital is a load of bol*&cks... read why...



Struggling to Make the Grade:

A Review of the Causes and Consequences of the Weak Outcomes of South Africa’s Education System

IMF SA Education Fails to Make the Grade (pdf)


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